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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solution Providers 2016


The pharmaceutical industry is transforming due to the rapid development of emerging markets, progress in drug research, rise in generics production, the availability of high-potency drugs and innovations in their manufacturing processes. This evolution has laid critical challenges to the pharmaceutical manufacturers in the areas of cost and margin pressures due to patent cliffs, lack of robust discovery pipelines, increasing regulations, quality and safety standards, cost of research and development, and a phenomenal price pressure being exerted by emerging markets on the established ones.

Manufacturers require a reliable and high-end automated inspection technology to be integrated into their production lines to increase output and improve efficiency, as well as inspection accuracy. In recent years, the industry has experienced greater adoption of manufacturing execution system (MES) technology that allows contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to ensure quality control, deviation management and effective enterprise resource planning (ERP), as well as enabling users to document floor activities for monitoring and reporting purposes.

With numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing advances available today, the choice of the best partner is critical for organizations which are looking to manage the end-to-end manufacturing operations with the timely release of quality product to the market consistently—increasing productivity, operational excellence and overall. Our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of pharmaceutical manufacturing solution providers based on their ability to assist CIOs and enterprises to overcome the challenges in the sector and help companies choose the perfect pharmaceutical manufacturing solution.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies

  • Creating fully integrated MES software that is quick and easy to deploy, minimizes costs, and maximizes profit

  • MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency, and overall profitability

  • Provides adaptable ERP, accounting, and business software solutions for companies in a wide array of industries including—manufacturing, distribution, not-for-profit, and many more

  • Provides innovative solutions to the automated pharmacy industry through software, control systems, machine design, and turnkey manufacturing

  • An approximately four decades old firm that offers market leading ERP solutions that take multi-geographical deployment to the next level

  • AlertEnterprise


    Delivers a single unifying solution that extends across IT applications like ERP, GRC and IAM as well as physical security applications and production processes

  • AX for Pharma

    AX for Pharma

    Meets the full range of needs for pharmaceutical companies, minimize customizations and implementation challenges

  • Deacom


    Delivers a complete ERP software solution for the pharmaceutical industry to drive process control and inventory accuracy

  • Ultra Corporation

    Ultra Corporation

    Delivers ERP technology expertise and business process management to pharmaceutical clients

  • Werum IT Solutions

    Werum IT Solutions

    Supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries