SMP Logic Systems: Enhancing Real-time Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes

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SMP Logic Systems: Enhancing Real-time Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes

CIO VendorShane Popp, Founder & President
In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, there is a prevailing trend, where most CIOs tend to invest big in buying new technology rather than upgrading their current production systems. Problems arise when the present system(s) becomes obsolete on the one hand, and the manufacturing process or processes are still not ready to adopt new technology. Although modernizing legacy applications seems like the silver bullet to this predicament, from a technical standpoint, it is easier said than done. Aiming to close the ‘technology gap’ between future expertise and current manufacturing solutions, SMP Logic Systems, a research-based software development company utilizes its best-in-breed software tools to revolutionize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and allow manufacturers to assimilate more process controls in a cost-effective manner.

SMP Logic Systems works collaboratively with pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to create a clear and concise manufacturing vision and maximize returns by offering an end-to-end and real-time tracking solution for the entire manufacturing process. SMP Logic Systems filed its first patent for real-time process monitoring back in 2004 to build a stronger foundation for manufacturing workflows in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, SMP Logic Systems’ flagship products, RENOVATIO® and PHARIS® are strengthening the initial vision and striving to build new benchmarks for pharmaceutical manufacturing process control.

RENOVATIO®—the Latin word for rebirth—is a fully integrated system that administers every stage of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, from the receipt of the raw materials to the production of the final drug. The comprehensive platform executes continuous quality monitoring, failure analysis, and risk-based assessments through the software’s proprietary data analysis methods and generates real-time reports for respective business units to mitigate manufacturing failures while the products are still in the production line.

Our solution’s interoperability between different hardware in the production processes is a key aspect to our competitive advantage

On the other hand, PHARIS®, an acronym for Pharmaceutical Information System, is a second generation of RENOVATIO® that provides a web-native software solution and allows clients to operate remotely using the internet. PHARIS® aims to integrate with any manufacturing device that a customer uses, perform real-time monitoring, and share the analysis on the cloud for everyone to view. “Our solution’s interoperability between different hardware in the production processes is a key aspect to our competitive advantage,” says Shane Popp, founder and president of SMP Logic Systems. As IoT continues to be embraced into mainline industrial systems, Popp believes their hardware-agnostic solutions will place SMP Logic Systems in a superior position in the marketplace.

Underpinning the robustness of its functionalities and process control capabilities is SMP Logic Systems’ distinctive platform architecture. Conventionally, a manufacturing archetype consists of three layers: an ERP system, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). “Our products are based on a concept that essentially expands the MES layer to the point that the ERP and the SCADA layers become obsolete,” explains Popp. SMP Logic Systems’ disruptive architecture has a two-fold benefit. Firstly, ERP systems are no longer required since the native solution performs all the traditional ERP tasks and more. Additionally, by eliminating the SCADA layer, there is an elimination of the classic one-to-one mapping layer, allowing a diverse mix of sensors and controllers to be used synergistically. This, in turn, helps the software component to integrate seamlessly with the user paving the way for its real-time monitoring capability.

Focusing heavily on adding value to a client’s business, SMP Logic Systems is committed to seize every opportunity that benefits their shareholders and hold supreme thought leadership in the pharma manufacturing market. Predicting that pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions will gravitate toward cloud-based systems in the coming years, the company is focused to infuse advanced cybersecurity standards into its software platforms.
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