ProcessPro: Uniting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with Expertise

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ProcessPro: Uniting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with Expertise

CIO VendorJoe Blauert, General Manager
An increase in regulations faced by the pharmaceutical industry has surfaced challenges that range from compliance to technology, and the need to continually adapt to the changing business models while keeping up with the quality standards. As tighter regulation poses major concerns, companies stand in need of foundational software that can solve these unique challenges in the realm of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Minnesota-based ProcessPro is tapping into this global paradigm shift and strategic opportunity focused on bridging the gap in the pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape for the mid-market nutraceutical and pharmaceutical organizations. The company is a leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) marketplace with an industry-specific software solution built from the ground-up, to meet the unique requirements of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other FDA and highly-regulated process manufacturers, such as vitamins, food supplements, OTC and prescription drugs.

With a mantra “get more from your information and you will get more from your business,” the company has developed intelligent ERP software which allows organizations to keep up with their business information. Designed for batch process manufacturers operating in regulated environments, “ProcessPro’s ERP leverages integrated business intelligence to link information efficiently, enhancing products that require stringent lot tracking and quality controls,” says Joe Blauert, General Manager, ProcessPro. ProcessPro integrates all plant operations from order entry through manufacturing, packaging, shipping, inventory, and accounting. The nucleus of ProcessPro’s pharmaceutical manufacturing solution is the core functionality which allows better product traceability and control, enabling manufacturers to run more efficiently. Moreover, the software assists manufacturers to comply with 21CFR Part 11 electronic signature, FDA audits, and validation and conform to cGMP requirements for certification and validation for quality.

ProcessPro provides the unique ability for manufacturers to store the quality control tests of their manufactured, providing them a centralized database integrated across all business functions.

ProcessPro’s ERP leverages integrated business intelligence to link information efficiently, enhancing products that require stringent lot tracking and quality controls

The software provides management of recipe development, documentation of manufacturing instructions and creation of new formulations. The solution is capable of tackling quality control test provisions while handling numerous versions of complex, multi-level formulas and recipes. The integrated quality control functionality eliminates the necessity to manually re-enter data. In addition, ProcessPro offers an R&D tool that allows contract or private label manufacturers to essentially take an established formula and adjust in a sandbox environment for flexible innovation and new product development.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, ProcessPro is at the forefront of the Pharmaceutical mid-market industry with its ERP software solution. Illustrating the unique value proposition of ProcessPro, Blauert recalls an ongoing customer relationship with 21st Century HealthCare, Inc.—one of the largest international manufacturers of dietary supplements—to enhance their productivity and grow their business. The client used traditional practices with spreadsheets and paper documentation for managing their manufacturing processes. With ProcessPro, 21st Century HealthCare’s initial implementation of a ten-user system with core functionalities (inventory management, manufacturing control, and accounting) has grown to over 100 users and the utilization of Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), Business Intelligence, Advanced Scheduler, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The solution enabled the client to strengthen their core foundation and build the business more efficiently without adding any extra staffing resources.

ProcessPro has a strategic plan to continue its growth initiative and expand internationally, starting with Central and South America. The company is currently focusing on enhancing their software products and pursuing prospects seeking solutions for process manufacturing ERP in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. “We see an opportunity to grow as a Software as a Service provider, to help pharmaceutical manufacturers bring down the high cost of ERP implementations,” concludes Blauert.
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