Open Systems, Inc.: Alleviating Compliance Pressures with Effective Solutions

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Open Systems, Inc.: Alleviating Compliance Pressures with Effective Solutions

CIO VendorMichael Bertini, CEO
Today’s pharmaceutical industry faces a myriad of challenges that include: constant market changes, competitive pressures, increased governance, and the uncertainties involved in research and development to bring new products to market. Companies also need to ensure that the standards of customer satisfaction just go up–in the process ensuring quality, consistency, and efficient processes. Stakeholders from the space are in need of an intelligent ERP solution to address the unique manufacturing processes, including manufacturing formulation, costing and quality control, materials and production planning, maintenance management, validation, budgeting, and forecasting.

The founders of Open Systems understood these changes and the regulations associated with the pharmaceutical industry, and devised a system that will help firms gain insight into their daily pharmaceutical operations without sacrificing a solid financial reporting foundation. “At Open Systems, our team's objective with all endeavors is to help our clients succeed, become more effective, and transform the organization as needed,” says Michael Bertini, CEO, Open Systems.

The firm provides adaptable Pharmaceutical ERP, accounting, and business software solutions for companies in a wide array of industries—manufacturing, distribution, among others to manage complicated regulatory and compliance needs, while managing customer needs and enhancing their bottom line. With TRAVERSE software suite, Open Systems leverages rich information and processes to cater to its clients that they require. The firm’s TRAVERSE suite includes various modules for managing materials to warehouse management, accounts payable to bank reconciliation, as well as sales and purchase order to distribution requirements planning.

At Open Systems, our team's objective with all endeavors is to help our clients succeed, become more effective, and transform the organization as needed

TRAVERSE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Distribution solution is developed entirely with proven Microsoft technology, including a seamless integration with Microsoft Office and BackOffice products. Utilizing this solution, clients get their full production traceability by batch, item, and lot number as well as track authorizations and shipments worldwide for product sale and distribution. With an in-built digital dashboard, manufacturers have a clear snap-shot of the entire manufacturing workflow. It also gives end-to-end visibility of the overall projected cash flow, ratio analysis sales, profit summaries; top ten customer lists, items, sales representatives, and vendors as well. TRAVERSE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Distribution solution can also be customized to meet client’s specific needs, while minimizing the need for Information Technology resources.

Leveraging various technologies such as .NET and SQL Server, Open Systems gives manufacturers the power and flexibility to tailor the software that best fits their business needs, regardless of the size of the organization. TRAVERSE can also be easily scalable and serve a single user on a desktop computer to hundreds of users deployed around the world. Open Systems has collaborated with customers, partners, consultants, and developers to deliver adaptable, modern manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Forging ahead, the firm will continue to offer its clients not only one of the best returns on investment in the marketplace, but deliver a framework—in which any investment made today in adapting the solution to their business is retained with future upgrades. As the CEO of Open Systems, “I strongly believe in a culture that puts the customer first. This is demonstrated in many different ways—whether an organization is a partner reseller or an end user, they will enjoy and trust the personal consideration that Open Systems provides,” concludes Bertini.
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