MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation company: Redefining Automation in...

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MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation company: Redefining Automation in Pharmaceuticals

CIO VendorJim Huff, VP-Sales & Marketing
“In pharmaceutical manufacturing automation, success depends on quality, compliance, and efficiency,” begins Jim Huff, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, MAVERICK Technologies. Often, insufficient control and bottlenecks impact product safety and profitability. “Through system enhancements, companies can improve their bottom-line and avoid setbacks related to overtaxed resources, schedule slippage, and unrealistic project estimates,” adds Huff. Pharmaceutical companies need to protect batch drug recipes running on manufacturing process control systems and networks. This scenario solicits a proactive approach for zeroing in on apt solutions and overcoming the operational and business challenges.

“MAVERICK is a global next generation manufacturing technology company,” states Paul Galeski, Founder and CEO, MAVERICK Technologies. Columbia, IL based MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency, and overall profitability. “We provide pharmaceutical manufacturing consulting and work with companies to implement solutions that support their process, helping them produce pharmaceuticals better,” says Huff. MAVERICK designs solutions compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and helps the manufacturer’s internal team to realize all the benefits of Process Analytical Technology.

“We provide a complete business perspective—making improvements from the plant floor to the boardroom, optimizing performance at every level,” remarks Huff. MAVERICK’s team of trained, certified professionals with expertise and knowledge of best practices in the pharmaceutical industry, build scalable and platform-independent solutions that harness client’s existing infrastructure. The company follows Proven Project Complete methodology to meet critical objectives and uses The OpCon Advantage, for integrating people, process, and technology that ensures successful project delivery.

MAVERICK adheres to a project lifecycle model that comprises business and technical analysis, project execution and implementation, checkout, commissioning, and on-going support services.

We not only understand our customers’ goals; we make them happen

Prior to developing the solution, MAVERICK performs business and technical analysis to define scope, assess risk, and devise a financial plan. The company not only programs, installs, and schedules the project, but also documents critical procedures. “We manage risk as a part of project execution and implementation phase,” adds Huff. After deployment, MAVERICK helps the client with dynamic testing, training, turnover documentation, and Good Manufacturing Practice validation. The company also provides preventive maintenance, instrument calibration and repair, software maintenance, and configuration support.

“We can help maximize throughput, improve asset reliability, and ensure quality and regulatory compliance,” states Huff. In the journey so far, MAVERICK’s team of over 300 automation and controls professionals has executed numerous projects in the life sciences sector, including system integration, Distributed Control System (DCS) migration, Good Automated Manufacturing Practice traceable protocol development, and 21CFR part II assessment/ upgrades. “We not only understand our customers’ goals; we make them happen,” emphasizes Huff.

In one of the implementation highlights, a major pharmaceutical company needed to upgrade its existing packaging Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) infrastructure to resemble a DCS. The client sought centralized configuration, security, graphics, audit trail logs, and administration tasks. Upon engagement, MAVERICK executed the project in four phases to perform a gamut of tasks that ranged from assessment to upgrading. At the end of the day, MAVERICK upgraded each of the packaging equipment PLC hardware components and graphics, helping the client ameliorate infrastructure at minimal cost.

“We will continue to deliver our domain expertise, with the power of a Fortune 500 industrial automation leader at our side,” concludes Galeski. “Now a part of Rockwell Automation, the best combination is available to help uncover the benefits of information.” The company intends to partner with companies that don’t want to settle for the average, and help overcome today’s most complex challenges.
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