BatchMaster: Intuitive ERP for Process Manufacturing

BatchMaster: Intuitive ERP for Process Manufacturing

Whether investing in pre-clinical development and clinical trials or producing the generic drug and over-the-counter medicines, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to simplify and optimize their processes across research & development, manufacturing, and finance. However, with changing healthcare reforms, growing market demands, and stringent regulatory pressures, maintaining an optimized level is often a difficult task for the pharma companies. To meet the complex business challenges, it is has become imperative for pharma companies to take a proactive approach toward compliance and product safety while responding to market demands.

"For pharmaceuticals, BatchMaster ERP excels as a comprehensive software providing simple and cost-efficient process model that allows manufacturers to comply with cGMP requirements"

For over 25 years, BatchMaster Software has helped process manufacturers worldwide streamline their production workflows and bring products to market faster, while complying with customer, industry-specific, and federal regulatory requirements. Whether the firms are private-label, co-pack or produce their line of over the counter medications, brand prescription or generic drugs, BatchMaster ERP supports the unique manufacturing requirements while aiding the clients’ sales, accounting, warehousing and distribution needs.

For pharmaceuticals, BatchMaster ERP excels as a comprehensive software that provides simple and cost-efficient process model which allows manufacturers to comply with cGMP requirements. As an ERP software for process manufacturing, it understands formulation management requirements and integrates with organizational operations to provide real-time information, streamlining entire operations and assisting users to take proactive, informed decisions surpassing the competition.

Streamlined Process Workflow

BatchMaster ERP streamlines samples, formulation, production, quality, costing, compliance, planning, and scheduling using preconfigured templates, automated processes, and customized dashboards and reports. The platform has different modules through which it assists pharma organizations in enhancing productivity.

The company offers product developers with the tools to quickly introduce new brands, generics and OTC medications to the marketplace, as well as develop line extensions of an existing portfolio. Advanced programming feature reduces time spent on tedious, error-prone manual calculations in designing, updating and approving products that meet the targeted physical and financial characteristics. Accurate, granular demand planning and production scheduling optimizes procurement and production of raw materials and finished goods, which will give better control over inventory balances and space utilization within production plants.

On the other hand, BatchMaster assists in automation of batch and continuous flow production processes, reducing the need for manual intervention.
Dynamic recipe adjustments, gel cap optimization, auto sizing and scheduling of batch job—all work together to streamline production, while minimizing the delays, risks and costs of operational downtimes. The establishment of a comprehensive, online quality program allows users to improve current processes, keep production line equipment settings at their optimal settings and ensure that their manufacturing processes can meet the growing demands.

Benefits that Span Beyond Production

BatchMaster ERP captures, manages and reports on inventory levels in terms of weight, volume and units, as well as quality statuses, lot numbers, and strengths. Standing orders, sales orders and forecast entries can be used as finished goods demand inputs; inventory levels, batch production jobs, and receipts can be used as supply inputs. An accurate, detailed plan for batch production orders can be generated down to various production steps or process cells within the production lines. Planning and scheduling takes into account the rates and capacities of mixing, encapsulating, compressing, polishing, and packaging process cells. Multiple batch jobs can be sequenced and scheduled in series or parallel, based upon the final step in producing a finished good. For example, gel cap production can be produced in parallel with fill liquid products, which can be managed independently. To ensure these batch jobs yield their expected results, the system can generate the required purchase requisitions of specialty ingredients, hard caps and other raw materials to avoid shortages or rescheduling.

BatchMaster’s primary objective continues to be the investment in and the delivery of cost-effective, off-the-shelf and reliable ERP solutions that meet the customers’ unique needs

The solution also assists in warehouse activities that support receiving through production to shipping tasks, including manufacturing related inquiries, QC related inspections and instructions via mobile devices. Meanwhile, customizable role-based screens provide visibility to critical manufacturing data, including inventory consumption and balances, actual versus expected yields and costs, and quality control results and trends.

Organizations can enhance their product quality by ensuring that corporate standards are being met in terms of their finished good sizes, shapes, colors, and thicknesses, as well as container rows, cavities and other packaging properties. Users can also continuously monitor inbound deliveries, product lines and outbound shipments to ensure continuous flow of quality products to customers. With an established comprehensive quality program one can reduce the cost of chargebacks and returns.
For accurate capture and reporting of transactional information, the system provides built-in document management, automated workflows, audit trails, electronic signatures, version control, and archiving. It also allows users to define the unique physical characteristics of finished goods concerning soft gel capsules, tablets, and other product types, prebuilt templates supporting product size, shape, color, and thickness, as well as rows, cavities and other Bills of Material (BOM) properties. These physical properties are all addressed in the product development, production, quality control, quality assurance and planning processes.

BatchMaster offers organizations a way to avoid customer and industry fines and penalties by keeping themselves compliant with FDA-21 CFR, USDA, HACCP and other federal regulation all through the unique ERP system. The solution enable bi-directional lot tracing facilitating users to zero in on suspect products in minutes - minimizing the scope of any possible recall–they can also establish effective mock recall programs with suppliers and customers to ensure product ePedigree across the supply chain. And with a thorough and easily accessible audit trail of key business transactions, organizations will be in compliance with the auditors' record-keeping requirements.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

BatchMaster has an army of professionals, about half of which are in Research and Development, developing industry-specific ERP solutions. The team of experts keeps itself abreast on the latest trends, challenges, regulations, technology advances, and best practices in targeted process industries such as food, chemical, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical, ensuring that the latest technologies are incorporated in their products and services.

The company offers a leading process manufacturing suite that provides integration to QuickBooks, Sage 100 & 300, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SAP Business One for process manufacturers so that they can utilize financial applications with ease. As an SAP partner, the company offers a specialized ERP solution, available on-premise and in the cloud, for customers requiring an end-to-end, world-class ERP solution.

Driven by their customers’ needs, BatchMaster’s professional services team helps in identifying business and manufacturing objectives and requirements and configuring the solution for successful execution of the manufacturing process. The company’s experienced customer support staff in conjunction with comprehensive education services also ensures organizations maximize their ROI.

As an industry leading software provider in the process manufacturing market, BatchMaster’s primary objective continues to be the investment in and the delivery of cost-effective and reliable ERP solutions that meet customers’ unique needs. Over the years, BatchMaster has evolved as a force multiplier for pharma companies by offering intuitive features that enhance process manufacturing.
- Eileen Singh
    October 09, 2017